Thursday, 1 September 2011

To the Koko

I've had a request to look at kitchen's - the heart of the home...the Koko!I absolutely love modern /contemporary kitchen designs that are well thought out in design while also considering the needs of the client.
In my search I have found this great designer called Darren James and he has done some fab work on kitchens. Here is my favourite one below of his work. (This is very up market)

Keep in mind this is very modern/contemporary and may not be for everyone so further down we'll look at other types.

Note how lighting here also plays a big role as it reflects off the surfaces chosen to add more drama

Did you notice the clever way that the fridge has been place at the end of the wall units?


Still keeping in the contemporary style, check out this kitchen below. Need I say that this is defiantly for the bold at heart or those that like to make a statement in their homes.

Like I've said, this may not be your cup of tea wen it comes to kitchen designs so lets look at slightly more 'traditional', ready available designs. Remember though that every kitchen in some way or another is bespoke (tailor made to your kitchen size/taste) but some kitchens like the Darren James kitchen's are very much custom made and will have extra features that 'off the shelf' kitchens won't.

Country style kitchen with a modern twist

This is the more contemporary end of the 'off the shelf' kitchen designs

When designing a kitchen, I would say the most important thing besides choosing the design, is the space planning. Planning the layout of your wall units/island unit is very important and key elements like how the space flows is a very important part of what makes a kitchen work or not, i.e rule of thumb is that the sink, cooker top and fridge should always be in a triangle shape of each other.

I can go on and on sharing gems with you but let's leave it for now and I hope again this post has given you some food for thought on some of the things that can be achieved in kitchen designs and I have to say that here in Nigeria, kitchen standards are very bad, so let's pass the message along to someone whose kitchen you may think desperately needs a makeover.

Any comments or questions please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. But can this kitchen be achieved in Africa?

  2. Yes it can be, but like I said it needs professional planning (space planning) and not just a called 'carpenter'. Another issue with kitchens I find here is that usually the finish isn't good so I would recommend getting 'ready made or off the shelf units' that is tailored to your space.