Monday, 29 August 2011

New Focus or Feature....?

Today I want to flip-the-script a little and get you to maybe think outside the box a if you haven't already by showing you a less conventional way of making something that is very practical in the home a focus point or a feature wall.

Shelving units are great but have always been over looked and used more for practical usage i.e storage for lack of space instead of being a feature itself and this is what I will like to highlight. Toss the wallpaper aside and the paint and get yourself a custom made shelving unit that will make your space unique and set apart from the rest. (Keep in mind this works in an office setting too). This works great here in Nigeria as labour is not that expensive as long as you get someone that is good in their craft and has good finishing.

These shelving's are by Alf da Fre and they make a normally boring furniture into something to look and be proud of with their mix and match units. I would go a step further and choose bright colours for some of the unit doors so as to keep in with the whole colour blocking trend.

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