I am here to shed some light on the goings on in the world of Design but most especially Interiors.....
I want to help change the perception the average African has about their home/residence, owned or rented and just generally help shed some light and improve interior as a whole.

So I am going to be showing you the hottest things that are happening around the world and how it can or has been applied right here on our doorstep in Africa.

Designer vs Decorator

Although the terms are used synomously, interior decorating and interior design signify different professions. The main difference is in the actual training of the professional doing the designing or decorating. Decorating is defined as adding ornamentation to an existing object or space. Designing is creating or constructing new objects or spaces.
Interior Design
An interior designer is a professional that has a degree from an accredited institution; has worked as an apprentice for another interior designer; and has passed a proficiency exam. The degree program includes such subjects as color theory and space planning, and more in-depth subjects as accessibility (handicap or ADA) and building codes, building structure and construction, plumbing, and mechanical and electrical issues that pertain to residential, commerical and retail design. Interior designing will not only encompass the surface applications such as fabrics and finishes, but will also include structural changes required by the scope of the project.
Interior decorators
Decoration is the process of dressing a room in finishes, including paint, trim, wallpaper, flooring and fabric. Interior decorators add ornamentation to rooms after construction is complete. However, they may consult with homeowners and designers during the design phase if the look they have in mind requires specific wood finishes or other such materials that must be installed during construction.