Monday, 12 September 2011

LIVE Renovation part 2

Hi all.....let me start off by saying sorry for the delay in the next instalment of the LIVE renovation going on but I promise to get you up-to-date on all the goings on thus far.

OK, so a lot has gone on and its all starting to take shape nicely. I most confess though as always with any re-design like this you have to have a very strong vision of what you are doing as trust me the contractors/workmen working for you will try and convince you to do things their way, so be firm.

So were did we leave off?......O yes, the workmen had began gutting the place out so we can have a blank canvas as such to work with.

From the picture above you can see how the place looks gutted especially the ceiling. Next step now is for them to partition the place into 2 so we now start fixing the two separate areas as they are.

The partition wall with doorway which will have a glass door

The guy in the blue coat is one of my main foreman on site standing in the doorway of the new partition wall.

The conference room side of the partition wall. Double layer of rock wool been added to the wall for sound proofing

Close up of the inside partition wall
One of the main features I wanted to play with is the ceiling of both areas hence why I had them strip the ceiling bare. This picture below is the working progress of the reception area ceiling. It will have an oval shape drop down, meaning it will extrude.

Reception Ceiling:

3D view of how the ceiling effect will look like
Conference room Ceiling:

3D view of how the ceiling effect will look like
I'll confess that we've come up with slightly more issues with the ceiling in this area as they tried to dodge and do something less than I wanted so again I'll , if you are not using a professional to project manage your renovation make sure you have a very clear idea/vision and stick to it.
Let me not over-load you guys, so I will stop here for now but check back for the next installment of the LIVE renovation.

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