Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Where to put it.....?

I'm so glad that many of you are reading my posts but most especially that it's helping you to see that all that I am sharing, you too can achieve great interior in your own homes. Thanks for the comments you leave after my posts as they are giving me a direction when considering what topic to cover next in my posts.

For this post though, based on what someone has requested, I would like to cover Closets/Wardrobes or Storage ideas...and how it relates to the bedroom we covered in the last post. A bedroom should be a haven from life's chaos, a place to relax and unwind. But it's hard to feel serene when looking at piles of dirty clothes, or searching through an overstuffed closet. Here are some helpful suggestions to stash in style
Walk in closets

This is defiantly my recommended method of storage in the bedroom if you happen to live in a house big enough (and can I please say that if you are building your own house, include closet space in the design of the house for the rooms but most especially the master bedroom). Why go to all that trouble of building if you don't. It's a necessary indulgence, if you ask me.

A room dedicated to be your closet which stems off the bedroom. Some even link to the bathroom too for a good flow
senzafine-closet-walk-in closetstorageideas.net

Open Storage

Aside from the closet itself, bedrooms can employ the use of cabinets and cabinet accessories both for furnishing decor and function. A bedroom should be functional and free of mess. The best way to keep this maintained is by having sufficient and even ample storage.

There are many options for cabinets and accessories specifically for the bedroom. Aside from the closet, cabinets can be used to decor and furnish any type of bedroom, like the example below, the shelving is surrounding the bed. Not only is this practical, but it is also a great design feature.

Box it

Another great thing you can try are bay windows in your bedroom, it's a no-brainer to include room for a window seat which can also act as storage under the seats (removable tops) and also a side shelving like the images below.

Bedroom Storage Cabinets


Unfortunately, the majority will not be able to have a walk-in closets as shown above, but the next best thing is fitted wardrobes. They can be incorporated into your room and have them looking as part of the design of the room and not just boring functional wardrobe doors, as shown below. Get them to match your chest of drawers and side tables etc.

*Notice how all the storage units in all the images below match/coordinate, thus creating a design scheme for the rooms.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture
Fitted Bedroom Furniture
Fitted Bedroom Furniture
I would also recommend that you try to have the height of your fitted wardrobes as high as you can. Preferable from floor to ceiling. This will help create the effect that it is built into the walls and not just a free-standing unit.

I hoped this has helped shed more light on what you can do. Truly, good design can be achieved if you just take time to sit down and plan what needs to done and what simple things you can do to make a change in your rooms. Don't forget that you can holla at me anytime and as always I look forward to your feedback on this or other posts.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wonderful.... Beauty Sleep!

Don't you just love when you walk into a room and get that feeling of....wow, I wanna sleep here!

My next favourite place in the house has got to be the bedroom! This space, is your inner sanctum, where you can just be you, your space, your zone to chill and totally be you.
If you think about it, it's the one room that you spend the longest stretch of time in at once (sleeping), so why not make it scrumptious and deliciously comfortable. Getting a good night's sleep can be difficult if your bedroom isn't designed for, well, sleep! So with this post I would again like to show or should I say highlight and give you suggestions as to how you can improve your bedrooms interior from dull to Fabulous!

1.      Neutral paint colours in medium values are your best choice for creating a room that lulls you to sleep. If you usually lean toward bold colours, use your living areas to showcase the brightest hues and choose toned-down versions of your favourites for accents in the bedroom.

Designed by Baylor Anne Bone

Trish Beaudet multipurpose master bedroom

2. Another key to restfulness is a simple furniture layout, with the bed placed alongside a window, not directly beside it. This arrangement allows you to enjoy the view, but also be able to turn away from it if natural light is too bright.

3. Keep the bedroom spacious, regardless of the actual room size. Don't fill out the space wit unnecessary accessories and don't let the room become overly decorated with fussy windows treatments or a plethora of busy patterns.

4. Tap into your sense of touch when choosing fabrics and bedding. Go for soft, plush and luxurious textures like high Cotton count sheets, leather and silks to create a formal, yet comfortable look. Remember high tread count sheets are a most for a hotel-like sleeping experience.

5.  For a finishing touch, add splashes of colour using accessories i.e. cushions/vases/chunky picture frames, but remember to not overdo it as it still has to be restful. Keep it subtle but bold enough just to make the room pop. This can also help to add an element of luxury to the room.

Photography by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines

So, with these basic tips I've given you, why don’t you try and apply them to your room(s) too. Remember, if in doubt keep it simple as it will always work best. I believe strongly that our homes should reflect us and be places where we look forward to returning to at the end of a hard day. So I therefore challenge you to not just live under a roof but build your castle, from inside out...
I hope you have enjoyed this post and please remember to leave your comments on what you thought and any questions I’ll be more that happy to answer. If you also have a topic you would like me to post on, let me know. Till the next post.