Sunday, 4 September 2011

Wallpaper vs Paint

I remember when I was younger, wallpaper was all the rage and unlike today when it's just used on one wall as a 'feature', it was used throughout the room in favour of plain paint but then it died out but for the last couple of years it's making a steady come back thus adding another level of detail to a room or help soften a room. Funny enough the trend is reversing and we are now seeing entire rooms done in wallpaper. Tone to tone, Metallic and Hand-painted are the 3 big trends this year.

Tone to tone: If you're looking for a more subtle vibe, tone-on-tone papers can be the way to go for you. They can make a dramatic statement with color, yet leave a lasting impression once the subdued pattern is revealed upon further inspection. They're also great for added elegance in small spaces such as entryways and guest bathrooms where a larger, louder pattern might overwhelm the space.

Tone to tone wallpaper

Metallic: Nothing is more dramatic and attention-grabbing than metallic ANYTHING, but this is especially true of wallpaper. From soft golds to rich bronzes and sharp silvers, a metallic wallpaper is a fabulous way to create instant glamor and decadence in a space. If you're looking for a way to add some definite oomph to a room, metallic wallpaper just can't be beat.
Metallic Effect
Metallic Effect
Metallic Effect

Hand-Painted: For the ultimate in decadent wallpaper, how about trying on some hand-painted and hand-screenprinted papers for fun? These beauties appear more as fine works of art carefully created upon your walls than your average big-box off-the-shelf paper. Many wallpaper companies including Graham & Brown, Hygge & West, and Flavor Paper carry hand-painted or hand-screenprinted in their collections. If you're looking for a statement room, hand-created is the way to go.

Hand-Painted wallpaper

Lots of colours have emerged this year in all aspects of design and this is also true of wallpaper. There are some wild wallpaper designs available that can add impact and drama to any room. In addition to colour there are also lots of new textures available in wallpaper. Also, if you don't like none of the trends mentioned so far you can also opt for Digital print and have a picture that you love converted into wallpaper.

Digital print wallpaper
When choosing wallpaper do remember that it isn’t as easy to replace as paint, but the overall effect can be so much more enjoyable than plain painted walls so go ahead and consider adding a new level of detail to your space with wallpaper.


  1. I love this blog, Tosin. Clear, easy to follow writing combined with gorgeous photography. In your post about wallpaper vs paint, I thought the digital print of trees was so clever, and very convincing! All the best with future posts! ;)

  2. Thanks so much for the compliments Tosin and yes this is how great didital print wallpapers are. Basically, its a giant picture covering your wall. Make sure you stay tuned for more exciting post!