Thursday, 8 September 2011

LIVE Renovation in progress

So let's switch things up a little bit and show you a LIVE office renovation I am working a sense I'm going to start putting my money where my mouth is. As you know, I've been following trends and showing you what's hot in interiors at the moment but for the next couple of posts I want to look at the process involved in a re-design of an interior space.

This is exciting as I will be able to show you the different stages of what goes into the re-design of a space from space planning/concept to finish, thus allowing you to be better educated and at the end know what you should and shouldn't expect when you too enlist someone to do such for you. Remember, that one of the strong bones of contention I have in Nigeria is poor workmanship, but since people don't know better they can't do better.

So here we go......

Let's start off with the before pictures of the space.

From entrance into the space

End corner of the room

Looking into the space from the main entrance

The brief for this job simply put, is that the client wants this space to have a dual functionality as they need a reception area as well as a conference room. After establishing a good brief, next step is to do 'space planning', example below:
Existing Plan
Proposed Plan with dimensions


The area of focus is what is marked in the red oval. So follow me on this journey and let's see the transformation process of this space.

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