Wednesday, 21 March 2012

From functionality to Pleasure!

I got thinking about houses and what my favourite room in the house was actually harder than I thought to narrow down but it turns out to be the bathroom!

Whenever I visit someones house or even travel and stay in a hotel, the first place I'm headed to is the bathroom because for me, if that is done well, then the rest of the room/house to me, is then livable. You might be thinking,'s not that bit of a big deal then I would say that I beg to differ. It just then means that you never experienced a 'top notch' bathroom before as if you have, you find it very hard to use mediocre ones.

What is making a 'splash' with bathroom designs now, its seems like pretty much anything goes. I've noticed how the bathroom is not just plain old bathrooms anymore but they are now another room entirely in there own right....not being just for functionality but places where you can relax and unwind and shut yourself off from the stress of the world.....

“If I want to be alone, some place where I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.” – Alicia Keys -

So let me show you some bathroom designs that I found that I think bathrooms should be done and don't forget that a lot of these looks can be achieved in your very homes too so don't look at it like it's just a picture. Let them inspire you too......

Red and Black Charming Bathroom Interior Design by Alexandra Klyamuris Awesome Bathroom Interior Design by Alexandra Klyamuris

BAÑOS PORCELANOSA. Muebles de baño
Bela units Blanco Mate finish. GAMADECOR from Porcelanosa

BAÑOS PORCELANOSA. Muebles de baño
LOUNGE Capitoné 120 cm units. NOKEN from Porcelanosa

BAÑOS PORCELANOSA. Muebles de baño
IMAGINE units. NOKEN from Porcelanosa
Actually, let me use this opportunity to highlight this great company I've found here in West Africa. It's a company called Rouge Interiors and they are based in Accra, Ghana. They are an interiors furnishing company, so they provide most of your interior needs but the main reason I'm highlighting them is that they are the sole representative for Porcelanosa in Ghana and as we are looking at bathrooms, Porcelanosa do some of the best bathroom furnishings/sanitaries in the world. They are renowned for there outstanding quality and as you can see from some of the images above, you can agree that there products are stunning.
(If you want to find out more about them as they offer this full service so you too can have your bathroom looking like this, I will put there details on my 'where to shop' page).

Jennifer Brouwer Design

 I hope you've enjoyed taking a look at a few of these bathrooms and I hope as always it's inspired you to elevate your own bathrooms too.

Any comments or feedback, feel free to contact me and I also offer Interior design services too. Holla!


  1. Thanks for all the designs posted, they are beaustiful.. Please rich people out there, it is good to decorated your house and make it comfortable for you. Your house should be your palace.
    I agreed with what you have said that the bathroom is the most important part of the house beside the bedroom. It is a place where you can be alone without anyone disturbing you. When i see a good well designed and decorated bathroom, i quickly give you respect.
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  2. All these designs are very lovely but can you please post some simple designs that can be affordable for some other people.

    Keep it up and please let this be a continuous posting this time. We love to see new designs. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for opening our eyes to know that it is good to really make our home more comfortable for us to live in than going to an hotel. Please post more designs on Kitchen.

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  4. Lovely designs really got me thinking of how to make my bathroom more comfortable cause really it is an important part of the house, lovely right up tosin

  5. I love ur blog especially this post 'functionality to pleasure'. I feel like having a new bathroom already! Keep up the good work Tosin. Interior decorators like us need such inspiring work.