Monday, 30 January 2012

New Year....New Flavour!

Spring/Summer 2012 Trends - Easyart

Is it too late to say Happy New Year!!! (I hope not).....

I know we say it as the normal thing at the beginning of every year, but I truly mean it this year. It's weird but I feel like this year is very pivotal to those who get "moving", so taking my own advise, I am getting this blog back in full swing. Here we go....

What a better way to start off than to look at the trends for this season.

This year interior design is offering a fresh perspective on your existing homes. The new trends is helping people to see their properties through new eyes which is great as current economic conditions is not allowing people to buy new homes or even do big renovation projects on their homes, so the trends allow you to look at ways in making your old space into something new and chic for 2012.

Comfortable design, elegant style, luxurious materials and bright colours are back in favour. Chic design style and comfort themes will define interior decorating ideas in 2012. Soft home furnishings, luxurious and pleasant materials, attractive and cheerful colours, comfortable and beautiful design with interesting details will help create welcoming, unique and stylish homes/spaces.

So, before I hit you with images, I thought this colour/mood chart might help you to understand the colours that will be in focus this year.

Mood Chart

For the clean space, will be used neutral colours.
For a bright room filled with joy, use yellow, representing the sun, freedom.
For a calm space, offering a sense of relax, use a blue colour of the coldest.
Subtlety, gentleness and the element of surprise will be presented by Rose (ping) = Red White.
For grandeur and power will be use the Purple colour.
Freshness, relaxation and calm will be achieved through green colour: lime, bamboo, mint etc..

To give you some inspiration and get your designer juices going take a look at some of the interior spaces that I find inspiring and even though you may not be able to do exactly the same, you can pick certain or favourite elements that you can copy in your space. Enjoy!

Interior Design: Home Trends for 2012
Interior Design: Home Trends for 2012
Let me just quickly interject here that our love for throw-back inspired interiors from either 30's 50's, 60's etc is set to continue through this year and it doesn't necessarily have to be the whole space but again just elements, for instance a furniture of your chosing can have that throw-back look.
spectacular penthouse interior design spectacular interior design penthouse interior design penthouse interior modern interior design Las Vegas interior Las Vegas house interior design by Mark Tracy Interior Design House Glass Amazing  Modern Spectacular Penthouse Interior Design by Mark Tracy in  Las Vegas Picture, Wallpaper
Spring 2012 Color Trends - Bellflower

Ok, let me end here for now as I could truly go on. Again, I hope these images have inspired you to look at your own living space differently and instead of making the drastic move to move house, why not look at what you can change in your home now to truly usher in 2012.
*Please feel free to leave comments on what you thought of this blog and any areas/topics you'd like me to cover.

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