Monday, 26 March 2012

DO's and DON'TS

Thanks so much for the comments I got from the last post, so much so that it has inspired me to still stay on this topic of bathrooms but like it was suggested, I want to show you how to achieve this look in your own bathrooms as it really isn't impossible to do so.

Though as an interior designer myself, I would always recommend for you to seek out professional services in this instant but as this blog is about educating people in the Diaspora, I feel compelled to show you some things that will help or even to show you what to look out for when doing your own designs.

Like I said in the last post, the bathroom is one of the most important parts in a house. Guests will probably judge an entire house when they take a look at the bathroom; which is why many people in Europe etc spend hundreds of dollars remodelling and refurbishing its interiors to make their bathroom more appealing and desirable but this doesn't happen in West Africa. I've noticed this to be a perpetual problem. All most homeowners seem to care about is that they have a toilet, (some don't even have seat covers) end of story. So, I want to propel you to see the other side and hopefully start a revolution (is that too strong, lol) in the way Africans see or treat their bathrooms!

There are simple things that you can do to improve your bathroom, first let's look at the do's and don'ts to consider before you begin your bathroom renovation.

1. If you have an existing bathroom, decide whether you want to change the sanitary ware you have already i.e. bath/toilet or you feel they are in good enough condition to keep or for budget reasons you can't change them right now.

2. You bathroom layout will depend a lot on the size of your bathroom, so I suggest that you take a piece of paper and roughly draw the plan of your bathroom and then draw in where you will like the bath, toilet and wash hand basin to go. Then get a measuring tape and you measure your bathroom exactly so as to make sure your bath/shower will fit in comfortably if buying new sanitary.

Virtually every bathroom uses one of the following three basic layouts:
    One-wall layout. One-wall baths have the toilet, sink, and combination shower/tub plumbing aligned along one wall, making for a relatively long, narrow bathroom.
Two-wall layout. Two-wall baths usually have the toilet and sink on one wall and the shower/tub combo (or separate shower and tub) on the other

Three-wall layout. A three-wall layout, with the toilet on one wall, sink on another, and combination shower/tub on the third, is a space-conserving solution that can put every fixture within a step of the others.
The above picture is using the two wall layout, but notice how close the toilet is to the shower. This is BAD planning!!

3. Choose a proper colour scheme that would be the basis of your bathroom design theme.  Also you should decide whether you will be using paint, wallpapers or tiles. (I would not recommend real wood for your flooring as it's a wet area and will get easily damaged. Also, I recommend keeping it neutral and just adding splashes of colour on a feature wall or using your accessories to add colour).

4. Decide on the theme for your bathroom. Will it be contemporary, Victorian or traditional....the choices are endless depending on your taste.

5. Source reliable places where you can get good quality sanitary wares, tiles, accessories etc. (Check out my where to shop page). Using good accessories i.e towel rail, cabinets, tissue holder, is a great way to elevate your bathroom from ordinary to wow factor.

6. Get good workmen that people you know have recommended as it's the difference between a great bathroom and a bad one!


Well, I hope this has helped in giving you a clearer insight into how you can achieve the look in your own home, as it really isn't impossible. Please feel free to leave comments as it's really spurring me on to be more dedicated to this blog as we have a lot to teach each other.

Make sure you check out my 'Where to shop' page as Rouge interiors can really help you to achieve the look you need.
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  1. Your Do's and Dont's really come in handy. May I suggest that you do a similar thing for your previous topics? Keep up the good're really doing great.

  2. Nice job, gives me a better understanding and now I look forward to redesigning...thanks sis Tee

  3. This is more like it. all the designs are very good. The dos & donts have really open our eyes to really know what & what not to do.
    Really an eye opener to a lot of us.

    Please people that loves any of this designs or need advice, get in touch with Tosin & she will definitelt put you through. Remember, life is too short not to live in a comfortable, decent enviroment. Please pass the message around, that is the way we can help & promote Tosin@s work. Peace.

  4. This is more like it. All the designs are very good. You just feel like being in that such environment. The dos and don'ts really make it so simple to many who might be thinking can it be possible to have this type of bathroom in my house, you really make it possible.

    keep up the good work. Please my people out there who have still not join this blog, please join and promote your sister's work. Share it with all your friends, family and colleagues.

    Tosin is ready to give you advice not only on bathroom but any part of the house that needs redesigning.

    Please, please, please promote the work of your sister to encourage her.