Thursday, 25 August 2011

What's Hot!

OK, as the year is fast coming to an end, we want to take a look at the trends that have stayed strong throughout the year till now. We'll be looking at varies areas from residential to commercial, wallpaper to bedding, flooring etc, basically anything that can help inspire and improve our living environments.

Colour has been a big thing this year and not just any colour but bright, bold colours and this trend has been referred to as 'colour blocking', so I thought what a better way to start off than with this image below. It happens to be one of my favourite colours and I just love the way it is used here in the home, thus making it a feature.

I found this bedroom done by a company in New Jersey (remember we go all over) and I think it is fabulous and just shows again how bold colours can be used to bring a space alive and give it character. It is done in such an elegant way that even those who are colour shy can truly appreciate the beauty of this scheme as a whole.

* Note the Use of wallpaper on the ceiling .....genius!

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