Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hi! I hope you are doing well since my last post till now.

There's been so much going on with me of late and one of them being another office renovation I am working on here in Ghana, Accra. So, I thought what  better than to let you guys see again how it's done here, as if you recall, the last ‘Live renovation’ I did was done in Nigeria, Lagos. Personally, I'm keen to see how the level of workmanship differs here to there but already (still at the beginning stage), I'm noticing a difference. 

Ok, so let me give you a quick insight into this project. It’s a property development company and they need a Marketing Suite in their office, where they can take prospective clients and ‘wow’ them with current/up and coming projects. So keeping in mind the main objective of the space as well as incorporating the company ethos/brand, this is the design I have come up with.

Here is the existing plan of the room below:

The actual room size is not the biggest but as a designer, you just have to look at ways to utilise the space as best as possible. I first did an initial idea as to what’s needed in the room and to help get a better flow of the space. 

TMK Interiors Design
Then I put myself in the shoes of the client as well as the marketer. How would I like to show a prospective client about upcoming projects and also what would catch my attention as a client? So I went on to answer these questions and I came up with my final design below:

TMK Interiors Design - Plan view

TMK Interiors Design - red panels used for illustration 

TMK Interiors Design

TMK Interiors Design
The room now has a better design flow as it's now divided into smaller sections as it were. When a client walks in the first thing they are hit with is the colour of red on the wall panel that has project illustrations on it and then the physical model stand of project. Looking to their right (from the door), they will see the straight wall partition with company name etc on it. As they move on into the room they will now see the other wall illustrations and then end up in the  curved TV area. This is where clients will now sit, be served refreshments while watching the latest animation/video. 

This is going to be a quick, fun design project, so please stayed tuned for my next couple of posts on this, as we are going from design conception to construction. To make sure you don’t miss out join this blog, that way you get notified automatically when I write a new posts. As always I look forward to your feedbacks and comments and don’t forget to share on your Facebook and Twitter page.


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