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Ok, since I seem to have talked about most of the major rooms in the house, I thought I'd then dedicate this post to the ‘study room’ as I have gotten some request to do so. 

I'll confess that for me as a designer it is not the most interesting rooms to design as all it needs really are some basics and it's functional. So with this post, I want to try and touch on ways we can make it less drab and more of an exciting space. 

For those who don’t know, a study is a room in the home used for reading, homework/office work, computer tasks and even relaxation, a space to think. Most newly built houses now, come with a dedicated study room but if you live in an older house and don’t plan on moving anytime soon, don’t worry as you can easily convert a spare room into your own study room. (Remember that the room you choose should be a room that gets enough good natural light, air circulation and away from noise).

I want to give you some basic tips to think about even before you start re-modelling your study room.

      1. Colours – this to me is the number 1 tip and the starting point as it’s very important the colour you choose for this space as it has a very specific function. You want the room to promote peacefulness and tranquillity, a place to get away from stress so you can focus and study/work or just read a book.

Warm blue tones are the best for evoking a peaceful feeling in the room. Avoid light blues which can feel cold on the walls. Green is another good option as it’s believed to be a calming colour as well. Defiantly colours to avoid are bright reds and yellows which create energy and sometimes frustration. (Energetic colours should be saved for a family room etc.).

It you’re the type on the other hand that likes dark colours and your room is big enough, I would suggest you consider painting one or half a wall that colour and then for the rest of the walls use a creamy neutral colour. 

Ticks all the boxes

Green and natural wood scheme

2.  Books – No study is complete without books. You can fill an entire wall with shelves/bookcases so this becomes the feature of the room. You might be thinking, but I don’t have that may books right now…don’t worry. You can use the empty space as display areas for your framed pictures or favourite ornaments.

1      Make sure you pick a bookcase that keeps in line with the overall style that you are trying to achieve. Be careful to measure the wall correctly so you can purchase enough of the bookcase/shelves to cover the entire wall. Another option of course and the easiest I believe here in Africa is to get a really good carpenter to do it for you. Please just make sure you have a strong input into choosing the wood and be very specific about the quality of finish you want. Don’t accept rubbish!

study room with large book rack
Large bookcase covering entire wall
Contemporary Rich Apartment Design Study Room Area

1    3. Furniture – Ok, now you are ready to add furniture. Depending on the size of the room, look for a comfortable sofa or recliners first. (Reading is much more comfortable when you have somewhere nice to sit – let comfort be your primary goal before style in this case).

Next, look for a desk. A desk with built in drawers and shelves work well and also keep in mind that the work surface should be wide enough to accommodate your desktop/laptop and also have enough work surface to do other things. Also if you are purchasing, try and make sure that the desk is the same finish as your shelves or as close to as possible to give good continuity. 

Don't also forget about your flooring. In Africa, we tend to prefer tiles but I for one like wooden floors and don't think they are appreciated well enough here. You can cozy it up by adding a nice rug in the area where you will be seated. 

Simply design but modern and functional

More examples...
Small spaces can work too but with bespoke furniture

study room | home office

study room | home office
Study room for kids
    study room with sun light
    Good natural light is important

Well, I hope this has given you ample ideas on what to do with your own study room. If you follow these tips I believe you will come out with great results! Remember if in doubt feel free to ask me questions and I'm also available to offer you my interior design service.

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