Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tools of the trade!

Hi guys,

I was just actually thinking what to post and something came across my mind and I thought hey, this will make a nice post as I wonder how many people really know.

I hope this doesn't seem trivial but how many of you know the tools of the trade: what tools do you expect to see the carpenter you just contracted to build the new bookcase for your study have on him? Would you know your chisel from a large flat-head screw-driver?? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be an expert in this particular area but that's why I write these posts so we can all learn but I have fair idea of the tools I expect to see on a job from my contractor.

For example I remember a renovation I was doing in Lagos , Nigeria last year and part of the design was for them to put up a wall partition and they started building the frame but when I looked on closer inspection, low and behold, there was no spirit-level anywhere to be found....I was baffled as how could they convince me that the wall they were building was straight without it. (Needless to say work was stopped immediately until they got one.)

Basic tools: 

Hammer - fun to bash away at things with (lol)
Tape measurer - without a way to measure on the project they may as well not even start in the first place
Spirit level - Who wants crocked walls or cabinets. I see few of these on job sites in West Africa
Utility knife - versitile from cutting string to trimming of wood
Marking tools - special pencil and not just any pen as it will leave horrible marks
Saw - carpenter without this....enough said lol
Wrench - adjusts to any size

I know this seems basic (and I actually hope for most of you it is), but again I felt the need to point this out as I've noticed most contractors here do not have the right tools so how can they possibly do the job correctly? So next time you hire a contractor for a project (big or small) make sure you take a second and look at his tools!

As always I've had a blast writing this and please leave comments as it's always encouraging to get feedback and help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. If you're new I hope you will join and become a member. 


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